The Best Cat Strollers So Your Feline Friend Can Enjoy The Outdoors


    Most cats have an indoor only lifestyle so they are not exposed to outside dangers but they are certainly missing out on experiencing nature. Dogs get to go out and get some fresh air and your kitty should be able to do the same.

    Let’s be real though, cat leashes are not going to work for most of our feline friends.

    Enter cat strollers.

    They are still a new concept in the market, but they are plenty of people walking their fur babies around town in strollers. Cat strollers can give your cat an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe.

    There are so many different strollers out there some even designed for joggers with a large front wheel that absorbs the bumps in the road. Others have cup holders for your latte. There is definitely a model fto suit any cats and pet owners needs.

    Pet strollers are used for a variety of reasons. They help avoid stress on your pet’s body if they are having trouble walking due to joint pain, arthritis, or recent surgery. Strollers also function as a crate on wheels.

    Wherever you go, your furry friend will be able to keep you company while remaining safely contained inside the stroller. Here are some of the best cat strollers.

    Our Favorite Cat Strollers

  1. Ibiyaya Pet Carrier
  2. cat-stroller-ibiyaya

    This one is the Cats Meow. The Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Multi-Function Carrier Stroller is pretty sweet. We know how it is. As awesome fur-rents, your fur-babies’ comfort is a top priority. We know that different environments call for different pet carriers. Pet carriers, small or big, aren’t cheap. Buying five for every possible situation is definitely not cheap. The Ibiyaya’s Stroller has everything you need in a pet motorhome.

  3. Gen7 Regal Plus Pet Stroller
  4. cat-strollers-gen-7

    The Regal Plus Pet Stroller is the perfect combination of mobility and style for your pet. Your pet will love the comfortable, smooth ride. The front convertible wheel enables a full 360-degree swivel and locks for a full-featured on-the-go lifestyle. The Smart-Canopy folds under the canopy hood avoiding cramping your pet’s space on a leisurely stroll and the handle allows freedom of motion and is generous in space allowing walking at any pace or stride.

  5. Vivo 3 Wheel Stroller
  6. cat-stroller-best-pet

    The durable mesh of our dog stroller provides airflow, visibility, and keeps insects out. The Oxford cloth of this pet stroller is tough and water-resistant. The large wheels of glide easily over smooth or rough terrain. Once you’re done, the pet stroller quickly collapses for the convenient storage compartment. There is even a convenient cup holder near the handle and roomy design with a large undercarriage.

  7. PetLuv Cat Carrier
  8. cat-stroller-pet-luv

    This Best-Selling Carrier now available as a wheeled stroller and is perfect for travel, vet trips, naps and more. With an attachable frame, it can be changed from a stroller or as a standalone carrier with just 4 snaps. This carrier gives your pets panoramic views and breezy airflow from the ventilated locking mesh doors. It’s the best alternative to cramped & scary boxy carriers that cause anxiety.

  9. Paws and Pals Jogging Stroller
  10. cat-stroller-paws and pals

    This pet stroller is great for walking your pet in style. The comfy bed is completely removable and also has a slipcover which can be removed as well for fast clean up. It even comes with a cup holder for beverages so you and your pet can stay hydrated on your stroll and the undercarriage storage space is roomy so you can pack in all your essentials.

  11. Ibiyaya Kitten Carrier
  12. cat-stroller-kitten

    This baby folds it to the size of a handbag in seconds. Being so revolutionary-small, you will never worry about storing it in cars, buses, trains or planes. The usual pet stroller area is enhanced with large under seat storage basket, invisible design for cup organizers and rear storage pocket. Always know what’s happening with your pets and give treats through the pick a boo window.

  13. Pet Rover Prime
  14. cat-stroller-rover

    This is the Rolls Royce of strollers. This sleek, safe and sturdy, HPZ Pet Rover Prime Pet Travel Carrier Stroller System lets you take your dogs or cats with you in comfortable, luxurious style. This game-changing pet stroller also features a quick-release, detachable pet carrier and serves as a car seat. The spacious carrier comfortably accommodates a medium-sized pet- or several smaller ones.

  15. Peach Tree Stroller
  16. cat-stroller-peach-tree

    This is a great budget choice. The strollers feature multiple mesh screens with zippers for easy access and breathability to protect your pet from insects and provide adequate ventilation. It’s equipped with cup holders for refreshment, undercarriage for toy and snack storage. Not only does it improve your pet’s health but also yours by promoting an active lifestyle.

  17. The Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller
  18. cat-stroller-happy-trails


    Pet Gear has really raised the bar with their new Happy Trails Lite No-Zip stroller. The new No-Zip technology means that you can easily gain access to your pet. The Happy Trails Lite also features an elevated paw rest. Your pet can easily look out of the stroller by using the front bar for support. The new panoramic view window allows your pet to remain safe inside without missing any sights while you stroll!

  19. Double Pet Stroller
  20. cat-stroller-double-stroller

    Have an army of cats? No problem. This heavy duty double stroller holds up to 50 lbs of fluffy cats. This stroller conveniently folds at a rapid rate for easy storage and daily use. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport while folded. The stroller features multiple mesh screens with zippers for easy access, excellent airflow, and temperature control. With a large undercarriage and two carriers to hold multiple pets, this stroller has plenty of room to hold additional supplies like treats, leashes.