What Do Different Cat Sounds Mean?

What do different cat sounds mean? They gives us clues about our cats. We’ll give you the Rosetta Stone you need to translate different cat sounds. 


A Hairy Situation: How to Remedy Your Cats Hairballs

It’s the sound every cat owner dreads, “Wheeze, cough, hack, bleeerg.” It’s the sound of your cat’s digestive track trying to rid itself of a hairball. I used to have a humidifier that sort of made the same sound when it bubbled, and it used to wake me up in the night.


8 Reasons Why Your Kitty Might Not Be Eating

A loss of appetite can be an early warning sign of medical problem or It can also be your cat being a jerk because she doesn’t like her cute new food bowl.


Why Do Cats Get Worms and How To Get Rid Of Them

Eeeew, worms! Of all the stuff that can happen to a cat, having worms is one of the most skin crawling. But worms can be eaisly treated with cat dewormer.


All The Cat Ladies Are Raving About PrettyLitter

As a certified cat lady, I can name 1000 reasons who having a feline in your life rocks but changing litter is not one of them. PrettyLitter changed that.