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The Best Cat Window Perches For Lazy Days in The Sun


    The favorite part of Abby’s day (besides couch snuggles) is taking in the view from my office window. Basting in the sun with a cool breeze running through her whiskers –  it’s a slice of kitty heaven.

    It wasn’t until after moving in that we realized our new apartment had no window sills. I felt like the worst cat mom, so I quickly scoured the internet for the best cat perch that would fit our window frame. There were lots of contenders be we finally found the perfect fit for us.

    There are plenty of comfy, convenient and safe cat window perches but here are our favorites!


    K&H Kitty Sill


    We purchased the K&H Kitty Sill. Let’s face it, pets love to be looky-loos. The kitty sill revolutionizes the way your pet can sneak a peek while basking in the sunshine. Super sturdy and the top can come off for washing. Oh, did I mention I now come in zebra print too?

    The Kitty Penthouse

    The K&H EZ Mount Penthouse Kitty Sill is the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing, entertaining spot for your kitty. The built-in ledge makes getting in and out of the Penthouse a breeze. The open mesh windows give an eye appealing view both inside and outside. Snoozing on the plush microfleece sleeping surface will feel comfy and secure.

    Window Bubble Pod


    The K&H EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod Kitty Sill is the epitome of cat entertainment! The unique patent-pending design allows your kitty to see not only the outside world but can keep an eye on you too. The EZ Mount system mounts to most smooth surfaces which makes it great for glass windows and doors. Give your cat the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing, entertaining spot.

    Kitty Cot


    Original Kitty Cot is a great design that’s sure to thrill your Kitty Cat. The giant suction cups each suction cup is rated to hold 12 pounds. Kitty Cots come in 3 sizes to fit various size window widths and preferences. The hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric, an “easy clean” comfy material that your cats will love.

    Window Bed


    The Window Bed Kitty Sill is the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing spot for your kitty! This awesome invention can be mounted with the exit on the left or the right for the purrfect access in any window. The sleeping surface features a removable  Kitty Pad that traps kitty dander and hair like a magnet. Cats love to bask in the warm sun and thrive on having a high vantage point.

    Double Decker

    This cat perch gives your cats more space to play and lets them to climb up and down and sleep on a level as they wish. Unique nut suction cups can bear a weight up to 55lb, a safe and worry-free cat bed. The removable plush mattress is easy to machine wash. Space-saving design provides the independent napping spot without taking up space in your home.


    The original TabbyNapper is the first portable hammock designed cat perch that works on any casement or double-hung window in your home. This cat bed cradles cats and kittens in fleecy comfort giving them hours and hours of relaxation and fun.

    Ultimate Cat Perch


    Window perches have been loved by cats for ages. They provide your cat the look and feel of being outdoors. The Ultimate Cat Perch is the next generation perch and is unmatched in safety and in looks. Instructions: Put one end of the rod into the middle hole of the suction cup and the other into the black hole on the perch.

    Modern Wall Perch


    Is your cat craving somewhere to escape kids, feet, or dogs? The Burnside wall mounted cat perch offers an ideal solution for cats of all shapes and sizes. Easily hang this sturdy shelf near a window or on any wall for purrr enjoyment. The shelf is lined with a scratchable material, offering an excellent surface for scratching and lounging.

    For The DIY-er


    Your feline knows that her ancestors were worshipped as goddesses in ancient Egypt. No wonder she gives you the side-eye when you expect her to curl up just anywhere, like some run-of-the-mill mammal. Build your domestic deity a place in the sun with a window seat that lets her scale new heights, settles in, and dream of the good old days.

    The Perfect Spot

    After choosing the best window cat perch for your fur baby, now you need to find the most optimal place to put it. You want to choose a spot with the most sun and outside action.

    I have mine facing the backyard where there are lots of tall trees and birds flying pretty close to the window. The fire escape is also close and that’s where the squirrels like to hang out. Abby goes crazy! You can even add a bird feeder outside the winder your their cat can watch birds.